Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday 15 Feb: What to do Wednesday?

Twitter and Facebook friends, maybe you can help us decide: 100km of horrid gravel through beautiful park, or 140km of glorious paved road through dull landscape?

We're now in Trevelin and heading north towards El Bolsón. We can either branch to the west on ripio through the Alerces national park, with the chance to see some trees over 2000 years old. Or to the east, through the city of Esquel and not a lot else, via tarmac. Well, Esquel does offer the chance to see the old Patagonian express steam trains, but we come from a land of many steam trains!

The kayak guy yesterday was strongly recommending the park route. But then, he does competition downhill MTBing and spent most of the day yesterday upside down in his kayak in class 4+ rapids, so he's clearly not to be trusted! We were going to try the park route, but after a backside punishing 50km from the border to town today, we're no longer sure.

So which should we do? Place your votes now!


Trevelin has a strong Welsh connection. We found the sign for Nueva Gales quite funny as we entered the town! Now just off to find a Welsh tea room.


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  1. Can Google Buzz friends vote too? Save your backsides, go for the road.

    Doesn't Nueva Gales mean "New Wales"? And Trevelin sounds like it should be in Cornwall!


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