Sunday, June 24, 2018

So Long Roberta, and thanks for all the rides

Last weekend we had a wonderful 600km ride with Kingston Wheelers. Towards the end we heard a bang from the rear wheel, but everything seemed fine afterwards so assumed it was a stone thrown up and hitting the frame.
Unfortunately it looks like it was a more fatal failure.


This is a recurrence of the compete frame crack we had in Texas in October. It took months to repair and respray, and we've only managed 3 rides (1200km) since then. With this failure rate, it's time to thrown in the towel and retire this bike from service. 3 frame failures in under 2 years. It's unfortunate to be our newest and most expensive frame that's the first to pass on beyond viable use, but as a friend said "If you live on the bleeding edge, occasionally there will be blood".

RIP Roberta