Monday, June 8, 2015

Tracking TandemThings Racing Across America

It’s less than 2 weeks to go until we embark on Race Across America! After 18 months of training and preparation it’s hard to put into words what it’s like to finally be so close to the starting line. I don’t feel too nervous - I’m sure that will come! - but we’re certainly excited to get going.

As you may know, we’re aiming to set a new mixed tandem category record, and complete the 3000 mile race in under 6 days 10 hours. To that end every hour of the day will be spent racing, eating or sleeping, so we won’t have much opportunity to post updates during the race. So we’re sharing some links now with places you can follow our progress, should you wish.

This shows our most up-to-date location based on GPS tracker in the follow-vehicle. (As I write this, it’s actually showing a replay of RAAM 2013 just as a demo!).
You’ll need to know our team number: T409 - Love Sweat & Gears - Tandems
They also have apps: (iPhone) (Android)

This carries updates of our progress through the 55 Time-stations (aprx 1 every 55 miles), based on official race records. They also have a link to a map of that data.

Make sure to “Like” and follow the team page, there won’t be much opportunity to post to our own page during the ride. The team page will have updates on all three LS&G teams (2 women, 4 women, 4 Tandems) so

4 Twitter
These are mostly just links to postings on Facebook, but there maybe the occasional bonus update there too!

5 Ride Farther /
This is the official Media outlet of Race Across America, and will host twice-daily video reports (also on their youtube channel) as well as maps, written reports, photo galleries and so on. Also they're promising a live video stream from of the teams press conference and from the starting line, 12 noon PST (that's 8pm BST).

Finally, a big massive thank you to everyone that has sponsored us in this undertaking. We’re on track to make a great donation to help the lives of Cystic Fibrosis sufferers everywhere. We’ve not really done a charity ride before so seems appropriate our first one is epic even by our standards! Every donation received, large or small, does motivate us a bit more to reach our goal.

The sponsorship link is on (hit “Donate Here”)