Monday, February 7, 2011

Thursday: rock and water

The weather was good again today, after raining overnight.  We are now in a little microclimate sheltered to the east of the northern Patagonian icefield, that boasts about 300 days of sunshine a year.  The last couple of days have started cloudy and fairly cold, but warmed up and cleared over the course of the morning. Whilst it is nowhere near as windy as further south, the wind has picked up in the afternoon. Good cycling weather really, and certainly better than the UK in February!

It was a fairly hilly journey to Puerto Rio Tranquilo with around 1300m of climb over about 60km. All the food yesterday, good weather, and a reasonably timed start got us to P R Tranquilo before 4pm, and gave us enough time to find the food shops and get ourselves onto a boat excursion to the 'marble caves'. These caves occur in a large lump of limestone around the cliffs on the coast of the lake. As the wind was quite strong, the journey to the caves was rather interesting as there was a not insignificant swell.

It was nice to do something touristy for a change though. We spend so much time staring at the scenery, most touristy trips don't really appeal.

I did break the Kindle (e-book) today, so it wasn't all good.  I hadn't realised it was on top of the bag that Joth handed me, and so managed to drop it. It no longer seems to boot. Not good.

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