Sunday, January 16, 2011

Some introspection on the first two weeks

Two weeks in - what we've learnt, or reminded ourselves of, so far (in no particular order).

* Ruta 40 should not be underestimated (we've got a few more days on this beauty coming up...)

* If in doubt, take more water.

* "Mañana". We're in Latin America, stuff will happen eventually and stressing about it doesn't help.

* We're here to experience the journey, not tick off a 'to-do list'. Taking an extra day to enjoy something now is better than rushing to meet a schedule.

* Don't forget to top up the suncream regularly. Having sunburnt/windblasted lips is not pleasant.

* The Patagonian landscape is truly amazing.  It makes New Zealand seem cramped.

* Around these parts, cycle tourists are positively waved through road blocks by protesters trying to distrupt tourism!!?!

* Rhea's are really odd,  and guanaco (llamas) are really, really stupid when it comes to traffic,  but still better than sheep.

* A cyclist cannot survive on carbs alone.  For cycling day after day, more protein is needed to aid recovery.

* Whilst it is windy in Patagonia, it's not normal for it to be gale force strong everyday, mearly strength draining strong.

* Cycle touring is fun! We knew this anyway, but we thought we'd confirm it in case you hadn't realised :-)

* Riding a fully loaded Dobbin is like sitting in your favorite armchair on a magic carpet. It is slightly less comfortable on ripio (gravel), but we don't seem to suffer as much as solo bikes.

* The measure of self sufficiency is having the ability to cover a distance in a longer time, not covering it as quickly as possible.

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