Sunday, January 2, 2011

Boarding at gate X

Checking in a tandem for flying is always a heart in your throat kind of experience. If you think your plumber does a good line in incredulous stare, head shaking and saying it can't be done, you should try this. Or not.

First guy patrolling the checkin line declared it not possible, then stated it must surely fold?, and finally settled for they could do it, but it'll cost ya (£40). The guy at the desk itself didn't blink whilst taking our three hold pieces and handing us the forth bag slip to do as we wished with.

So that just left the nice chap at the oversized bag desk. After a look of horror, then asking us fruitlessly if the airline handler would be waiting for it airside, and declaring he couldn't swab it as that involves all manner of paperwork, he suddenly realized it would fit down the chute just fine. So we bagged Dobbin up in his CTC polythene bag (a perfect fit), and within minutes he was bouncing down a conveyor out of sight. All done in half an hour; that's bit of a record.

With luck, we'll see him next in B-A in about 30 hours.

With luck. Definitely worth saying that twice.

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