Friday, September 4, 2015

The Controls of PBP

In reliving moments from PBP, Emma and I keep getting mixed up and having to remind ourselves of which control is which. So here's our personal memory-jogs for how to differentiate the controls plus some tips on smooth passage through them.
(Some photos would be great to add here, but alas the memory card in my camera was pooched so we lost what photos we had)


  • Only go here on the way back
  • Big sports hall, great food selection.


  • Only a control on the way back.
  • Large bar area as you enter (remember first control from '11). 
  • In '15 Just picked up water on the way out, stopped to snooze on the way back in the cafe are to the right of the bar.


  • Major party town on the way back. Bike parking down either side of closed street in wooden wheel grabbers
  • Kids help carry trays down the maze and slope to the eating area
  • Best to park by the control Exit, walk up to control entrance, remember to fill bottle before controlling.


  • Control spread around school on a hill: enter at bottom, first you see restaurant, then pass dorms, control up top.
  • Showers in the control building just off the snack bar area. (Gang showers)


  • Restaurant is upstairs, not best food choices.
  • Snack bar up top of bike park area
  • Slept here on way back in '11 - good beds in small dorm rooms. Had to be mentally massaged to life by Jo in the very poorly stocked restaurant.


  • Enter via a big inflatable arch and little lump to climb to bike parking
  • Big bike park area with dedicated velo-spécial down the end by BBQ, toilets and restaurant entrance
  • Control up the top next to rapid service snack bar (missed this on way out '15) and restaurant, with infirmary in next building where Joth got gel put on knee.
  • Met the chief controller both ways (in '15) chatted about his 7 PBPs, he asked how we were doing, gave him SFR lapel pin.


  • Water stop, small snack bar
  • We both slept on benches in the cafe on the way out in '15
  • Lots of surprise hills around here


  • Big sports hall dorms - slept on way out in '11
  • Cardboard on the floors everywhere
  • Only a couple toilets with full-time attendant, told to use men or women's.
  • Maze through 2 cafes to find the infirmary - found barely used snack bar on the way.
  • In '11 this place was a refugee camp of soaked 84h riders


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