Sunday, August 14, 2011

Final preparation for PBP

Just three days until we set off for Paris Wednesday night, but still just over a week until we start riding the event itself (5.30pm next Sunday).

Spent yesterday doing the final bike maintenance tasks: new chain, new tyres, installed the phone charging gadgetry which will hopefully allow us to send tweets throughout the 90 hours of riding.
Last night we sorted out our route down to Newhaven, loaded Steve's route to Paris onto the GPS, and double checked the route files I'd already installed for the ride itself.

Today we need to have a test-pack of the luggage, to make sure we can actually carry it all on Katina (our randonneuring tandem).  We managed (just about) with a tent too back in April, so it should be OK. Fortunately we've got a place in Paris throughout the event where we can leave the panniers and clothing we won't need on the ride itself. 

On Tuesday we've both booked to see our respective Physios for any final manipulations, and Wednesday evening we head off to catch the 11pm ferry from Newhaven. Cycling straight down from Emma's work (Crawley) as it's quite easy for me to get a train to there from my work (Victoria).

Thursday and Friday are a gentle ride down from Dieppe, due in Paris Friday afternoon. Saturday is for relaxation (aka panicing) and any final adjustments and then Sunday we start.

Wish us luck!

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